Wild Terra (http://www.playwildterra.com) is an upcoming sandbox survival MMORPG. Right now it is still in early access mode. Although early access is not free (the cheapest option is $9.99), the developers do run free open tests servers sometimes which you can check out on their news page.

What is this game about? Well, it’s “a hybrid of action-RPG and sandbox with building, crafting, gathering, farming and land claiming elements.”

Wild Terra Early Access Review

The crafting methods and menu in this game are insane, because there’s virtually nothing you can’t do.

One of the things I like a lot about MMOs is that you can create your own rules, however the main challenge comes from actually figuring out what you are able to do and what is not ok for you to do. Only a few MMOs actually manage to be completely free of rules, but those that are there are designed in order to help you follow a small path towards the final outcome.

That’s what Wild Terra is to me, a game where there aren’t that many rules, a game where you can play how you want, when you want, and which is designed to offer you complete control over the fate of your character. I have to say that the idea of not having any restrictions is amazing for me, and I entered the game with complete enthusiasm.

Wild Terra
As you can see, the graphics are very basic. Like Minecraft, this is not a game you play for the great graphics.


To be honest, Wild Terra looks okay despite still being in Alpha. The world is nicely designed, the character design is very good and even though I did find some graphical bugs, I do have to remember you that the game is still in Alpha so these are definitely bound to happen.


Once you enter Wild Terra you will see that this is an isometric title in the vein of Diablo as well as many other similar titles. The game world is huge, and one of the main goals is to explore it and find your place in it. There are plenty of other persons in the world, of course, so trying to accumulate the resources you need is the first thing that you have to do. It’s not a simple task, true, but a challenging one that requires a lot of attention and focus.

For me, gathering resources was quite tedious, especially at first, but the reality is that you do need to pay complete attention to the crafting menu, because there you can find items which, upon crafting, will help you acquire other resources a lot faster.

The crafting methods and menu in this game are insane, because there’s virtually nothing you can’t do. You can create weapons, houses, walls, you can even cook your meal, and everything that you might want to see in a game with survival elements. This is exactly what Wild Terra was for me at first, a game of survival, in which not only I had to gather as many resources as possible, including food, all so that I could survive, but at the same time it also was a game of patience because I knew that once all of these are in place I was able to achieve some better results.

It’s all about gathering materials and crafting them into useful items.

While at first the title is all about survival, the second part of the game in which you will spend most of your time is all about fighting and proving yourself. Sure, you can kill some enemies during the first hours if you want to, but it’s probably best to do that only after you manage to create your own settlement. The game is all about trying to become a king in this world, and in order to do so you will need to become the best at what you do.

Without the proper training and tools you can’t become that king though, so I had to spend a lot of time to actually find the items I need in order to craft weapons. This does require quite a lot of time but the best thing about it is that the results are more than impressive. The entire experience in this game is amazing, because not only you get to explore and hunt in order to stay alive, you also don’t have any limits when it comes to building and crafting either.

I found the game to be very realistic and lifelike, because you do need to hunt and cook meat in order to have energy, but at the same time you also have to acquire resources in order to craft items. Building stuff and making sure that you attack enemies in order to expand your control is a one of a kind experience and Wild Terra provides that in spades here.


Wild Terra is an amazing game, and I became quite obsessed with it. It will hook you right off the bat and you will find yourself spending hours upon hours trying to gather materials, craft, and engage enemies in battle. As a whole, I recommend Wild Terra to all adventurers that want a new, unique experience to check out!


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