I am, like many other MMO fans, looking for the perfect MMORPG. I have not found it yet. I wish I had, then I could blissfully spend every day playing it with my friends.

Since I have now started my own website that is about the best MMORPGs 2015, I feel that it is appropriate to define exactly what I mean by “the best.” What is the perfect MMORPG?

Let’s talk basics first. Keep in mind that I am only talking about my personal idea of a perfect MMORPG. Your perfect MMO is likely a much different game from mine.


  • must be PC – Mac is fine, too. What I am saying is that I don’t want a mobile MMORPG. If I want to play on my smartphone or tablet then I will play Candy Crush, Bejeweled, or Disney Bola Football. I do not want a mobile MMORPG, I want the deep gameplay mechanics that you can only find in a PC game. I also do not want to play on a console in the living room while my family members complain about them not being able to watch TV.
  • free to play or buy to play – I am fine with dipping into my wallet a few times but a bill every month is too much
  • good customer service – if the game is free then I am willing to pay something to get a reply from customer service. If the game is paid for then there is no excuse not to have good customer service


  • cleric/healer – I like to play the healer and support class. It’s just what I like. I realize this is playing into the stereotype of girls playing a support class but I don’t care.
  • melee – for variety I also play melee/tank characters
  • non-human – generally, humans are boring. I almost always try to go for something more exotic than that. Races I like are elf, vampire, alien, etc.
  • playing as a monster – it’s weird but I like it. I want to play the other side. Instead of being a human and killing monsters, I want to be the monster and complain about those terrible humans or sabotage the game
  • adult character designs – I am not comfortable with kiddy-looking characters, especially the female ones that are inappropriately dressed


  • guilds, clans, groups, etc. – there should be support for the social side of MMOs. People should be able to form clans or guilds easily and raid dungeons with a group
  • chat block – we all know there are abusive players so it should be very easy to block people in chat and possibly report them if they repeatedly harass a player. Girls like me get stalked sometimes.
  • emoticons/emotes – I love them



In short, I want a free to play social MMORPG game in which I can play as a elf healer. My needs are really simple!


But I have only been talking about the things that I want in an MMORPG. The flipside of that is that there are also things I really do not want in a game. I mentioned some of my dislikes in the text above but here are a few more:

  • Daily tasks – dang it, why are there daily tasks? And they are always so mundane like bringing 10 herbs to a specific NPC. It’s just as exciting as taking out the trash in real life.
  • Inescapable quests – I know that many MMORPGs have thousands of quests. Okay, that’s fine. What I don’t like is when it is impossible to skip quests. I do not want to have to complete 20 different quests just to be able to travel to a new area. In console games there is always a skip button for cutscenes. How come some MMORPGs force you to sit through all of their content? I want to have the choice of what I can play.
  • Showing everyone my status – I want to hide. Do I really want my boss to find out that I spend 10 hours last weekend playing games? Um, I’ll have to go with no.

Bonus content:

What I have outlined are my basic likes and dislikes. If you read this rather long shopping list, you will find that many current and upcoming MMO games fit the bill. But it’s not enough to have the right basic ingredients of a good game; the perfect MMORPG goes above and beyond that.

  • Player economy – I greatly enjoy dynamic, changing MMO economies in which the prices of goods change depending on player actions that affect supply and demand
  • Few restrictions on trading – hand in hand with the idea of a player-run economy is free trade.
  • Politics – I am sad that the upcoming World of Darkness MMORPG has been cancelled because that game, as described, would have been the perfect political MMO game.
  • Sandbox elements – these days many developers have been adding more tools for user-generated content. I like that. I also like skills, professions, player housing, and other sandbox gameplay features.


That’s what I think. It’s not a lot, is it? What about you, what do you think is the perfect MMORPG?

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