The MMO landscape has changed quite a lot in recent years and multiple innovations were brought by some original titles, such as TERA, which vowed to change online gaming forever.

TERA Rising is an action MMORPG that places you into the shoes of a hero which tries to calm the troubling situation in Arborea. Basically, some malefic forces are causing havoc in this world and it comes down to you to stop it and bring peace upon the land once more. The story is far from being innovative, but it does have numerous shining moments. As you might expect, you will encounter numerous bosses while playing the game, most of which are very hard to defeat without the proper skills or teammates.


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TERA brings you six different races you can choose from: Baraka, Castanic, Human, Aman, High Elf and Popori. All of these are quite diverse and most cater to certain classes, which will make the process of creating your character a little easier. Speaking of that, you have a plethora of character creation options, and you can customize your character based on your own appearance if you want. From lip size to hair color and what they wear, you can easily modify anything you need. We really enjoyed the fact that TERA brings so much customization options.

We have 8 classes to choose from for each race, the warrior, slayer, archer, priest, berseker, lancer, sorcerer and mystic. All of them play differently, and this brings much replay value.

The crowning achievement in TERA is surely its gameplay. Instead of the tedious autocombat you encounter in most MMOs nowadays, TERA uses a real time combat system, called True Action where enemies actually react to the way you play, which is surely amazing. It also encourages team play, as you can easily team up with other players and attack enemies while the others in your team will heal you from afar.

Most quests in TERA are either fetch quests, kill the X guy and come back to the quest giver and stuff like that. Yes, quest variety is a small problem, but this does not affect the value of the gameplay that much. After all, a MMO is more about exploration than quests, and TERA offers that in spades. The combat is fantastic and brings multiple innovations to the genre.

From a graphical standpoint TERA is surely one of the most impressive games you can find on the market. We were astonished to see the shear amount of detail put into anything you can see on the screen. A mid-range computer can easily play it and you will surely be amazed at how good the game looks. The character models are also top notch, so you basically feel that you are actually fighting giants and scary monsters. Towns are vivid and offer a great place to sell loot or acquire items. You can view marketplaces, tents and other items that make it feel like a real place.

Inventory management is very easy to do, so as the character management. Both windows can actually be opened at the same time, so drag and drop is a great solution if you want to equip a new item that just dropped from a monster you killed.

Sounds and music suit the fantasy game theme that TERA brings and while there’s nothing innovative here, they are clearly contributing in creating a great experience.

From a social standpoint TERA is an amazing MMO. It brings a dungeon finder tool, LFG tools and chat channels which help people stay in touch with one another. The community is also vivid and alive even still the game is more than 2 years old.

In conclusion, while there are some minor drawbacks, TERA still remains one of the major players with the MMO market. With numerous social tools, impressive graphics, innovative gameplay and tons of possibilities, TERA is just a joy to play and we surely recommend it to any gamer that wants a solid online game in which he can place hundreds of hours without any chance of boredom.

Score: 9/10

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