Star Trek is an iconic TV series that has gained the attention of millions of people all over the world and which has a lot of followers all over the globe. The idea to create an online game based on the expanding universe came a few years ago, and this is how Star Trek Online was born.

Star Trek online review

You will start the game in the role of a lieutenant as you try and achieve the rank of admiral. The story is something that’s basically taken from the TV series, because, depending on the faction you want to play with, you will need to defeat the other factions in your quest to free the galaxy.

While playing the Star Trek Online free MMORPG you will be roaming the galaxy, completing quests and exploring the numerous planets that come in your way. The story isn’t that important for the game, as most of it relies on PVP, as that’s where the main fun is. Even so, the story is quite interesting if you do take the time to follow it, and that’s really important.

As you play and advance further in the game, all the gameplay shifts from combat focus to space combat and exploration. As a Star Trek, this is where you want to be, as the space battles in the movie where the ones with the most fun. The space battles in Star Trek Online are fun as well, and defeating an enemy ship is pure fun, of course.

Star Trek mmorpg review 2015The normal combat usually involves phasers and numerous types of weapons from the movie. You can easily switch between weapons using the inventory and there are lots of ways to customize your character and his equipment. The overall controls however are a little bit strange and even unresponsive at times, and that takes a little from the fun provided by the combat. The map is users friendly though and you can easily magnify or minimize it depending on your needs. Accessing the next objective is quite easy, so you won’t have a problem.

Quests are provided by NPCs of different races and you do have sometimes the option to get side missions that will help you boost your experience level. Each mission that you receive has three different levels of difficulty, which means that the game is suitable for both die-hard fans and newcomers alike, which is very important.

Star Trek 6When it comes to PvP you can engage either in free for all or in faction battles which are very fun and impressive actually, since all gamers need to do all they can in order to lead the faction to victory. It’s important to know that Star Trek Online has a dedicated community so there won’t be any shortage of people to play with, no matter when you choose to join it.

Each ship you can join is different, so replayability is at its best here. You have plenty of choices to make, and there are lots of possibilities, it’s up to you to make the best ones.

What newcomers will surely enjoy is surely the fact that there is no death penalty, which means that no matter how many times you die, you will simply respawn and you won’t have any problem for that.

star trek onlineThe game graphics are quite beautiful and you will spend a lot of time looking at the space and the planets or ships near you. Nothing can be more spectacular than exploring new planets, killing enemies on ships and Star Trek Online does that in spades, which makes it a great pastime for fans of the series and newcomers as well.

In the end, even if it has some glitches, and the presentation is not that impressive, Star Trek Online still remains a good game, especially for those people that like space games. It’s a very unique and fun game, which brings a lot of value to the table, and we do recommend it to anyone that wants a great MMO experience.


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