Rift is the kind of game that you can really sink your teeth into. Its gameplay is deep and rewarding which means that it is an MMORPG that you could potentially play for years without getting bored of it. Having said that, Rift has been out for four year so it’s not exactly new. Nonetheless, it is still worth playing.

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Rift Review

Rift review
That thing in the sky is a Rift


I enjoy the character creation process in Rift, I feel that it’s very good and it does provide you with a ton of options, so many that you will dozens of minutes as you try to make your character the way you want to.

But even after creating the character, you will immediately start to feel overwhelmed. This happens because the game brings in a large, fun epic feel. After you choose the three souls that give you your variety, abilities and weapons, you will be able to pave your way into an astounding experience.

Sure, at first the quests aren’t that extraordinary to begin with, since they tend to guide you more than being interesting, but as you play you will see that the enemies become more and more interesting, the plot thickens and the fetch quests transform into something that is a little more elaborated.

Rift review 2015
The graphics are a bit dated but combat is quite fun
Combat in Rift is mostly based on the type of soul combination that you used. Some combinations make the combat easier, while others are harder to master, but more destructive in the right hands. Some might say that Rift has a nitpickiness when it comes to combat and they could be right, but at times the gameplay is indeed fluid and filled with lots of gameplay opportunities. Each class brings in a variety of attacks, and you can get some combos there for better damage, it’s all up to you. I do think that for the larger monsters you need a strategy, even if the game doesn’t really show such a thing right from the start.

Just like the name of the game says, there are many rifts that you need to close, and each one of them comes with a multitude of challenges. Sure, many of the enemies in the game world are those from the other MMOs, such as faes, wolves and so on, but there are a few creatures coming from the different planes of reality to Telara, and this brings in a ton of fun moments for you to explore.

I found leveling in Rift to be rather fast, but once you hit level 25-30, things tend to slow down immensely, as they should be. I do feel that the game allows you to gradually learn how to play and use your skills efficiently.

But what I like the most about Rift is definitely its sense of uniqueness of adventure that it provides with each quest. You never know where you will go, what you need to do, and for me this is the major strong point in this MMO. You can just click Instant Adventure and you will be able to enter a cool adventure, without requiring you to spend a lot of time searching for one. It’s a game hell bent on adventure, and a damn fine one at that.

Raids in this game are fun, and, when it comes to PVE, there are a variety of opportunities where you explore the game world in the way you want. If you want PVP, then you need to level up until level 10. The open world locations are quite nice, I have to say, and you can even find some dueling options which for me were the most fun.

Rift screenshot
I started playing again for this review

I played Rift when it was first launched and I have to say that now it’s a much better game because only it has more content, but the gameplay has been streamlined, bringing in a lot more interesting opportunities, which is a plus for me.

Of course, since Rift is an MMO, you need to expect having wardrobe options, mounts, pets, boosts, padlock boxes and other stuff similar to that. Many of these are unlocked as you play, so you do get an incentive to explore, which in my opinion is a great thing.
I like that Rift is focused on customization, because let’s face it, we all want to be different and have our own look. Thankfully, the fact that there are a variety of pets does manage to add quite a lot to the experience.

The game market here is filled with stuff, so if you want to spend your in-game money, you have a ton of items to choose from.

Graphics and sounds

rift tutorial
The starter area in Rift

When it comes to its graphics, Rift’s are a bit outdated but it does look really well and I enjoy the stunning locations depicted in the game. Character design is nice, dungeons are frightening as always and the game world, despite being very large, it’s one that actually makes sense and which is just a pleasure to explore.

To be honest, the music and sounds overall in Rift don’t really stand out, they are epic, true, but a little generic. This doesn’t mean that they are bad, but I expected something a little better. As for voice acting, this is stellar and it makes the characters more believable.


Rift is an amazing game. Sure, it might not be the best looking nor the most innovative, but it’s a game that provides you with a lot of fun, so you will enjoy the experience right from the start. I encourage you to check this game out, it’s a wonderful game with a lot of interesting gameplay opportunities and a great lasting value.

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