Few MMORPGs nowadays tend to stand the test of time, as most of them will be popular for a few years and others will take their place after that. This is not the case of Perfect World International however, as this game has been released 9 years ago on the Asian market and 5 years ago in the rest of the world. Since then a lot of people have managed to explore a wonderful fantasy world that brings detailed locations, fun gameplay and numerous PVE or PVP opportunities.

perfect world review

Character Creation

Right after you start the game you will realize that there are a plethora of character races and classes to choose from. These are mostly the normal ones that can be encountered in any other RPG, so there isn’t any major innovation here. However, the game does stand out when it comes to character creation. The comprehensive editor allows you to change anything from lip shape to eyebrow color or adding scars on the face. This high amount of customization will definitely be enjoyed by fans that know exactly how their character needs to look like.


The gameplay in Perfect World International is quite interesting, because you have the opportunity to engage in combat against various types of monsters, each one with its own different attacks and levels. This variety is what makes the game challenging at times, but that surely adds to its overall value. However, the leveling process is rather slow and the addition of new special actions can take quite a lot. You do need to find a trainer if you want to add special actions to the hotbar, but other than that the skills can be learned on your own as you level up.

Each character has its own stats and these can be improved as you level up. What strikes us as interesting is the fact that the armor, weapon and character stats are combined seamlessly in order to provide you with better protection.

There is an automatic routing system and it’s safe to say that we enjoyed it quite a lot. Since the game’s world is rather large, it can be really difficult to figure out exactly where you need to go next, even if you have a map, and that’s why using the automatic routing system can prove to be really helpful. You can control over the movement of your character at any given time, which is a nice touch, but if you want you can stick to the automatic routing system and you will be just fine. Yes, this might resemble many browser games, but the mechanic on its own is quite useful and brings a lot of value to the game.


Perfect World International is indeed perfect, at least from a graphical perspective. The characters, spell effects and graphics are impressive and top notch, despite the old age of the game. Continual updates have improved the game tremendously and exploring the game world will be simply astonishing, as there are lots of places to choose from, each one bringing its own variety.


The combat can feel a little bit dull because the same animations are used all over again, and you don’t have any control over it other than clicking, unfortunately. Even so, the quests are varied enough to make it worthwhile, even if in the beginning you will have a lot of missions that resemble each other and require you to kill a certain amount of mobs.


Quest descriptions aren’t that helpful and most of the time you will find yourself clicking on the autopath button just to figure out what to do next. Unfortunately this brings the game down for some gamers. Additionally, the dialogs aren’t that appealing and interesting, they might be even boring for many people actually.

You can tag certain locations, NPCs or anything else you want on the highly detailed map, which is a very nifty feature to say the least. If you are going to play the game a lot the map will be really helpful as you can customize it according to your own needs.


There are lots of social features implemented into the game. For example you can char with people on the server at any given time, check out the latest information from the developers and create guilds/parties with your friends. The guild system is cleverly created and from our point of view is one of the best ways to play Perfect World International. Yes, playing by yourself also works but if you want a great experience, then allying with others can prove to be really helpful.

A special mention has to go towards the PVP in Perfect World International. Here you can wage huge wars of 90v90 people, so there’s lots of fun waiting to be had here.


Audio-wise, the game shines. It has a good range of sounds and music, but a nifty feature comes with the inclusion of its own radio station. Here you can listen to numerous popular songs and can prove to be a great alternative to your own playlist stored in the media player. All songs suit the Chinese mythology world you are playing into.


We found to interface to be cleverly structured and really helpful. All the important information regarding the character statistics, quests and the map are placed in the extremities of the screen so you have a great view of the character and the game world, while also receiving the best access possible to the necessary information that you might need.


While there aren’t that many things to be said in terms of innovating, other than a few like the setting and embedded radio player, Perfect World International does include the best features from the other MMOs out there, and in the end it successfully manages to deliver an experience that you cannot forget. With regular updates, good graphics and crazy PVP action, Perfect World International has a lot to bring to the table, so even if there are some mistakes here and there, this game is definitely easy to recommend, so go ahead and give it a try right away.


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