People have been asking me what I play and for the past eight weeks I have been too busy playing Nova Genesis to reply to them. 😀

Nova Genesis is an open beta browser MMORPG that rocks! Please read my long review of it below but if you are busy I can sum up why I love it:

  • the graphics are really attractive
  • I enjoy the setting and characters
  • at first glance the combat is very simple but it’s actually pretty complicated once you start playing more
  • it’s fun to figure out the best way to build a character
  • the game is truly free to play and its cash shop has very few items that need real money to buy

So far I have three characters that I play: Aisling in Server 6, Lexxie in Server 7, and Miranda in Server 23.

Nova Genesis Review

Nova Genesis ReviewStatus: Open Beta
Type: Browser-Based MMORPG
Developer: Feiyin Games
Publisher: Reality Squared Games
Graphics: 2.5D
Rating: 10/10 (reviewer’s favorite and most played)
Where to play: Nova Genesis official website


The graphics of the game are very well done. The character designs are Western which is what I prefer. The settings are very scenic with lots of different locations like forests, deserts, towns, dungeons, flying ships, and so forth. Skill animation are also pretty cool.

The artwork is very stylish and I particularly like the character design for melee characters. They have the great outfits that I think are inspired by the Final Fantasy series.

Character Classes

NovaGenesis Review
This my psyon character, Miranda, using area spells to rain down lighting on enemies.

There are only three classes so far – Corsair (warrior/tank), Wraith (high dps melee) and Psyon (mage/healer). When I first started playing I made 3 characters in three servers (servers 6,7, and 8) so I could try all of the classes out. I ended up playing my Pyson the most since I personally the love healer or cleric types.

The classes are pretty balanced and they are all great to play. There is no one class that dominates the others, especially since there are a lot of group activities that require different skills. For most group dungeons or group PvP it is useful to have all three types of characters so that the team can have healing, damage and buffs.

Nova Genesis Stats
A screenshot of my s7 character stats. On the middle are the main stats, on the right side are the detailed stats, and on the left are all the heroes I unlocked.
Characters can have very different builds, too. There are three main character stats: power, vitality and armor. The secondary stats, on the other hand, are so many that I don’t want to list them here. It’s a lot. 😛

Players can raise their character stats through many methods such as equipping gear, learning skills from their guild, adding enhancements and gems to items, unlocking mounts, and so forth.

I made my psyon high on magic attack stats which means it has less defense and hp compared to others. It is also possible to have a more balanced character with nearly equal attack, defense, and hp. Some also chose alternative builds, such as high def but low attack characters.

One of the nicer things to do is to change your char’s stats and try them out in PvE and PvP since there are so many secondary stats that its a constant challenge to find the one that is the best for your level.


About the story – let’s face it MMORPGs are notorious for players who just click through the quest text without reading it. Because, really, most players do not particularly care for the game lore. I’m not gonna lie, I am one of those people.

Just tell me to kill something and I will do it!

Anyway, the main story of the game is that there are seven Nova Weapons, extremely powerful artifacts that the hero (you, the player) must gather to keep them out of the hands of people who would abuse that power.

Sorry, but I don’t remember the details, because why would I read quest text when there’s a boss to kill?


NG Combat
This is solo PvE combat on my Corsair character Persephone. At the bottom you can see the player and hero skills.

Okay, now we are getting to the good stuff! I really love the combat of Nova Genesis.

How it works is simple: you have skills, you drag the one you want to your skill bar, and you can deploy skills by pressing q,w,e,d, and f on your keyboard. Occasionally your W skill might randomly trigger a combo skill which you can activate by pressing more keys.

Having said that, combat is far from easy once you get past the basics. Killing bosses requires timing and a good grasp of strategy. Players can’t just randomly use skills or they can’t win.

There are two main skill trees and each skill tree has two branches, so the player has four different skill sets that they can use. Their hero companion has two skills. Since there are over a dozen heroes, there are lots of different possibilities when selecting skills.

PvE fights range from the super easy, one-hit kill mobs to bosses that take 20 minutes to kill. I greatly enjoy the bosses in Nova Genesis since they are a real challenge. They hit right spot between “too easy” and “too hard.” They can be killed, providing that you have high enough stats, but only with a lot of effort.

PvP is also fun. There is one-vs-one as well as group PvP. Although the group PvP maps can hold many people, each battle can only have a maximum of 3-vs-3 players.


My character, Lexxie next to the Field Marshal, with the hero Akashaka in front. Why do I have so many characters? Because I wanted go the extra mile to give you a really good review. And because I like playing!

The game is heavily based on daily events. Although the solo/group dungeons and solo PvP arena can be done at any time of the day, most of the gameplay is done through server-wide events that occur at a set time everyday.

Examples of daily scheduled events are: guild bonfires (a social gathering), Rumble (faction vs faction PvP), Royal Arena (a series of 1-vs-1 PvP battles for rank rewards), Guild Knock Out (guild vs guild PvP), Party Arena (3-vs-3 team PvP), World Boss (the entire server tries to kill one boss), etc.

So when choosing a server to play on it is essential that you look at the time of the events. If you cannot play during the event times then it is best to leave that server and go to one that has a schedule that is good for your playing time. Servers are on different timezones like GMT, EST, PST and Oceanic.

Cash Shop

Another thing that I appreciate is that the game’s cash shop does not give players too much of an advantage. Players can buy VIP status for only $20, which is a very reasonable amount to spend.

Most of the items that are useful can be bought for either diamonds (bought with cash) or rubies (earned through regular gameplay) which means that on most servers that I have been on, free players can compete quite well with those who spend money on the game.


In my opinion, Nova Genesis is one of the best browser MMORPGs of 2015. This open beta game has huge potential – from the beautiful graphics, exciting combat, interesting character builds, social gameplay, and more, this game has a lot to offer. Nova Genesis is a free to play browser game that does things right.

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