Even since the appearance of the first Lord of the Rings movie, everything related to the world and books written by Tolkien quickly became a cult hit. This happened because Middle Earth is one of the most beautiful locations created by a writer, with lots of unique creatures and plenty of lore. It made immediate sense that an MMO experience should be created based on these impressive books and movies, and that’s how Lord of the Rings Online has appeared.

lotro mmorpg 2015Lord of the Rings Online tries to bring the best MMO experience into a package that is visually appealing and which also brings quite a lot of value to the table, great for people that want to experience Middle Earth with a more hands-on approach. The graphics in Lord of the Rings Online are quite good, although they don’t impress. Even so, they do their job perfectly, allowing us to explore a beautifully crafted game world in which there is always something to do.

The quests are varied and diverse, even though some of them do tend to repeat from time to time, but that’s ok and it doesn’t hurt the overall experience. There’s a lot of questing at the beginning of the game especially, but even as you progress you will have lots of chores to perform as well. The end game is full of raids and other types of events that surely make it worthwhile. It’s amazing to see that you actually get the chance to explore the world and ally with others then defeating all the enemies that come in your way.

A good game does need to come with an impressive soundtrack, and that is exactly what we get here as well. We have an original chorus that brings the same experience as the one in the movie. You’ll basically stop from time to time and listen to the music before engaging enemies.

Some missions also tend to have videos, which is something that you rarely see in an MMO nowadays. This adds up a lot of value because you really feel involved into the story.
The combat by itself is action packed and with a turn based twist, but you won’t have to wait long before your enemy attacks. The combat speed is exactly as you would expect from such a game.

lord of the rings online review 2015The game is very user friendly and there are lots of communication options that make it very easy to talk with the other players, create friends and engage in raids together. Since this is an online game the communication component is really important, but thankfully Lord of the Rings online does not disappoint even one bit.

More than 5 years have passed since its launch and the game still has a very solid community. During this time Lord of the Rings Online has received numerous expansions that allow us to explore more and more regions of the Middle Earth, so there is a lot of content to go through.

In conclusion, Lord of the Rings Online brings a lot of content, it’s free to play and you can easily play it with or without your friends and still receive a solid experience. We definitely recommend this game to any gamer that wants a vivid world which he can relate to, a wonderful story that waits to be unfolded and a ton of quests that are just fun to complete. This title is a solid MMORPG, a must for any serious gamer.


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