Echo of Soul, an action packed fantasy MMO developed by Nvius Corporation (Korea) set to launch in Spring 2015 in North America, Germany, and France.

The game provides an immense voxel based world where decisions can affect the way the universe is set in motions. One of the major features that all MMO players should be waiting for comes in the form of a very interesting soul collecting system that will provide gamers with a rich customization mode for both skill and appearance. Echo of Soul has been created by some key developers of Lineage II, and the title has already amassed a plethora of gamers in the eastern countries, a testament to the high amount of quality that the game has to offer.

Echo of Soul includes both PVP and PVE content, with numerous quests, challenges and raids. Just like in many other MMOs you will have the opportunity to create a party and raid dungeons together or engage in solo raids, if you want.

The game will bring the same classes that you can find in the Eastern version, which are the warlock, archer, sorceress, rogue, warrior and guardian. On top of that, you will also be able to access professions such as the alchemist and chef.


Official English teaser site:

The idea of collecting the souls of your opponents is definitely something new on the MMO market, and combined with the expansive world, the large number of classes and the massive player base, the western version of Echo of Soul is set to become one of the best MMO titles of 2015. There are a few things that we don’t know yet, if there are going to be any modifications to the original title alongside the translation.

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Echo of Soul
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Echo of Soul
Echo of Soul is an upcoming MMORPG due to be released Srping 2015.

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