The world of Drakensang has always been a great setting for lots of video games because it features a lot of unique characters, an impressive fantasy setting and numerous locations that are just a breeze to explore. Drakensang Online is a MMORPG game that can be played in your browser and which allows you to explore the world at your own leisure, without any limits.

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Drakensang Online brings a very interesting story, where you try and uncover numerous mysteries regarding the land, while also trying to save it from malicious creatures and people that try to destroy it. The game world in Drakensang Online is simply huge, with hundreds of maps and numerous towns in which you can purchase new armor, weapons or store your stash.

If you are familiar with an action RPG such as Diablo for example, then you know exactly how this game is played. Keeping the same hack and slash experience that we know and love, this game allows you to select one of the four different classes available and engage into an experience that is full of dangers but also of rewards as well. This game is very fun and quite unique, each class has a progression path that unlocks as you gain levels, allowing you access to more and more deadly spells.

The gameplay by itself is very fun and simple, you just have to point the mouse to the target you want to hit and then click. The same thing applies when it comes to moving the character.

There are a few dungeons in the game where you need to purchase Andermant pieces with real money, but they are quite cheap and it still is quite fun to explore and kill the enemies that come in your way. Dungeons vary in sizes but clearing them is surely very enjoyable and some of them do offer quite a challenge as you try to kill all the enemies that lie in them.

browser mmorpg 2015 drakensang onlineThe loot is varied and there’s a ton of items that you can acquire when fighting enemies and completing quests. Speaking of which, the quests are different and each time you will have to collect some items stolen by thieves, kill an enemy, transport something from a place to another and so on. We really like the fact that Drakensang Online really wants to make you feel that you are a part of the world and that’s why exploring the land is such a wonderful experience.

The game brings some of the most impressive graphics that we have seen in a browser game, and it even rivals the one we might find in downloadable games. From our standpoint this is more than impressive and it says quite a lot about the quality of the game.
The soundtrack is stellar and it also engages you in fighting with monsters. There are fight songs, generic songs and boss songs, so each action you make might change the soundtrack, which is a nice touch.

The inventory is quite small, but it’s very easy to organize and the loot that you collect can either be equipped or sold in town.

In summary, Drakensang Online brings a very solid action RPG experience right in your browser, which can be tried free of charge. It’s hard to find a game that brings so much detail, a fun gameplay and hundreds of hours of game time for free, so we recommend that you try it, as you won’t be disappointed for sure.


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