Defiance is a Syfy TV show and also a video game. Of course, this review is about Defiance the game. It’s a first-person shooter MMO with a tie-in to the TV show so they share the same story and characters. I was excited to check out Defiance at first, and now with the game being free to play, I feel that there is no better time to check it out.

The premise behind the game is that aliens came and destroyed our planet and what we can see here are the ruins of once a great and powerful human civilization. Still, the game does an amazing job when it comes to actually bringing in a stellar experience because you will be able to encounter some characters from the TV series, with some being talked about as you play.

Defiance FPS
Defiance is a free to play MMO first-person shooter based on the Defiance TV show from Syfy.


From a gameplay standpoint, Defiance is quite solid. The way you play is very similar to the Mass Effect and Gears of War series. It’s fun and the gameplay is very appealing for FPS lovers. One thing that stuck me when I first played was the jumping animation that I think could be improved as it doesn’t really fit the overall animation scheme. Nitpicking aside, the game gets off to a very good start. You get to choose one of four different origins – machinists, survivalists, outlaws and veterans. All of them are very interesting and, based on what I played, I have to say that the origins as a whole do not limit the outfits, weapons or the abilities you have, so you are free to wear and use anything no matter what character you have.

The game can be played on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.
Defiance is free to play and is available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Exploration is the key like in most MMOs and the game does a very good job when it comes to bringing in a massive, solid and nicely designed game world for you to enjoy. It’s a very diverse game world, where you can actually see the devastation caused by the alien attacks, and it’s definitely a lot different than what you usually see in similar games. Streets are destroyed, numerous ships are crash landed everywhere and enemies can be found throughout the land, so there are a ton of things to explore at all costs.

Cooperative gameplay is an option, but while playing I didn’t really find that necessary to play with someone else. Still, as an MMO you have numerous social options that for me are nicely implemented.

The interface here is very complex, but implemented in such a way so that it won’t be obtrusive, and I liked that quite a lot. Sure, there are the nagging things here and there which appear from time to time, but other than that I have to say that the game is solid as a rock from this standpoint.

Combat in Defiance is very satisfying, mainly because you have a ton of weapons to shoot and changing them is very easy. Of course, there are plenty of upgrades or improved versions for literally weapon, and sometimes the game might feel like a grind. Rest assured that it’s not the case though, because the title does a great job in showcasing the uniqueness and fun of the whole experience in a very cool way.

Costumes and weapons are varied, so being able to use any of them does bring in a ton of customization options, which is definitely a great thing for Defiance. But it’s the post apocalyptic world that drives the trend here, with many clothes being dirty or ripped to drive the premise of the game. I find that these actually draw you in towards the experience and that’s a plus.

Classes in this game are very fun and exciting, with each one having a purpose in the game. Of course, in the end it doesn’t really matter what class you play, but how much fun you have, yet the physical appearance is very impressive and you can clearly see that a lot of detail went into the creation of the characters and game as a whole.

While the game might seem overwhelming at first, the reality is that you do acquire access to a pretty good tutorial that explains most of the game mechanics. Most, but not all, as you will have to discover those as time passes.

Quests in Defiance are cool and I have to say that most of them actually make sense, something you can rarely see in such a game. The integration with the TV series and the overall story is remarkable.

The graphics are underwhelming but since it is an FPS game, players tend to use the lowest graphics settings anyway, for  less lag and faster performance.
The graphics are underwhelming but since it is an FPS game, players tend to use the lowest graphics settings anyway, for less lag and faster performance.


Defiance wasn’t the cream of the crop graphics-wise when it appeared and now it’s even worse in this regard. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are nice and there are cute vistas here and there, but the premise of the game requires a darker tone and destruction, so you will not be able to see the colorful tones like in TERA or WoW for example.

I feel that the character design is great, animations quite good, despite the jumping problem and of course, it’s the game world that manages to steal the show most of the time. Even sounds aren’t that bad, with the soundtrack being appealing thanks to its sci-fi tunes.


Defiance is a great game and one that you should totally check out if you enjoy playing first-person shooter MMO games. It’s featured in our best free to play MMO games for PC list. Sure, it has a few issues of its own like all MMOs, but it has a great story, a tie-in with a TV series and a satisfying combat. If you’re looking for at least one of these, then I would recommend you give this game a shot.

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