Browser games have brought a lot of innovation to the gaming world as we know it and Blade Hunter is a true testament to that. An MMORPG at heart, the game successfully combines all the imposing features of a hack and slash with the character leveling up and questing that are usually provided by an RPG.

browser mmorpg 2015The Drakensang Online browser MMORPG game comes with a pretty basic story. A long time ago, an evil called the Blade Demon destroyed the lands and a team of adventurers has managed to seal him. However, he still has some followers left and they try to bring him back and set chaos upon the world. You will play the role of a blade hunter whose only purpose is to defeat the enemies that try to set the Blade Demon free.

As far as the gameplay is involved, Blade Hunter brings a lot of quests and side quests as well that will enrich the story as you progress. Unlike similar games, the combat is quite impressive, because it’s not automatic, instead it allows you to press the attack, jump and special combo buttons. Combining all of these is the key to defeat your enemies.

top browser mmorpg 2015Also, you can choose to let the character go to quests automatically or you can control him/her manually. Each time you gain a new level you will receive prizes that might help you in combat. In addition, each weapon can easily be enhanced, allowing you to increase its damage even further, if you want. There are a plethora of items in the game, which entice the user to play more and more in order to get the best loot. Even so, the missions are diverse and fun as well, so you’ll definitely enjoy playing and solving quests.

The graphics are very impressive, mainly because the backgrounds are hand painted and they just look stunning. Character models are very interesting and animations work well, so from a visual standpoint the game brings just about anything you would need from a browser game.

best browser mmorpg 2015You have 3 classes to choose from, which are the main, classical ones. While the game doesn’t bring us that many character opportunities to the table, we do have a ton of quests to go through and it’s fairly easy to customize your experience, which is very important.

We didn’t encounter any performance problems with our browser, even after we ran the game on 3 computers with different specifications.

At some point in levels you will encounter bosses that are a little hard to beat, and this is where your skills come into play. Skills can be acquired from the skill tree but some of them will be given to you as you solve quests and unlock new areas to visit. The combat mechanics in boss battles do test your speed and strategies, so the game can be a little frustrating at times.

blade hunter reviewEach unlock is actually very refreshing as you don’t know what to expect, a feeling that many MMO players would like in all of their games.

Blade Hunter also brings modes such as PvP, challenges and numerous mini-games that enrich the overall experience. In the end, Blade Hunter is a very unique, fun hack and slash game that can be enjoyed for hours and hours, but even if you stop playing, you will get back exactly where you left it. It’s surely recommended that you give it a try, as you will surely enjoy it.


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