The Steampunk world has always been one full of excitement and unique designs. With complex machines, intricate buildings and mechanized robots Steampunk has fascinated millions of people all over the world. Thankfully, through Black Gold Online (BGO) we now have the opportunity to enjoy a Steampunk game in a vibrant world where anything can happen. BGO is currently a new free to play open beta MMORPG.

Black Gold Online Review (Open Beta)

black gold online reviewOne of the first things that you observe immediately after entering the game is surely how impressive the game world really is. Unlike other games that focus on creating small maps, Black Gold’s game world is massive and you can explore it at your own leisure. It’s so large that you actually have the opportunity to get a mount early in the game just to able to explore all of it. There are lots of dungeons or other regions that you can enter separately, and each one has its own style and appeal, which is very important.


Quests are varied and they do add quite a lot to the experience. Most of the time you will enjoy battles with mechanized robots but there are some situations in which you will be able to defeat some bosses that require some special tactics in order to bring them down. The character design is at its best and the overall design is astonishing. The graphics are also vivid and unique, delivering the Steampunk feel in a way you never saw before. We are quite impressed at how well the game world has been created and how many things you can do in this game. From solving quests to enhancing armor, killing enemies, crafting or entering a guild, there are simply too many things to do, and that is great, because any MMO player surely wants enough content to make the game last for a long time.


There are 12 classes in the game that mostly fall into the major 3 categories of warrior, mage or ranged attacker. The amount of customization options present in the game are astonishing, and you can easily recreate yourself or your friends in the game without a problem, thanks to the detailed editor.

Open Beta MMORPG – Bugs

From time to time you will encounter some bugs though, which show you that the game is far from being finished. Sound problems, your character passing through enemies without a problem or even quest bugs, you can find all of these and more in the current version of Black Gold Online.


black gold online screenshotscreenshotmmorpg 2015 black goldBGO MMORPG


Despite that though, the game is really fun as we don’t have that much alternatives that allow us to explore a beautiful steampunk world. Foes in the game are varied and you will simply have tons of fun killing the enemies that come in your way, as you never know what exactly you can expect.

Black Gold Online is a game that was specifically created for those people with a passion for steampunk, but others will also have a great time as well thanks to the great social implementation that allows you to chat with other players and manage your friends list with ease, or thanks to the excellent quest management toolkit. The game is surely different from the others so if you want a fun experience that takes you in a beautiful steampunk world, then this game is the one you are looking for!


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