Most of us enjoyed the Conan movies that appeared back in the 80’s and when the Age of Conan online game was first announced, we were pretty excited to know that we could explore the wonderful world of Hyboria by ourselves, without any restrictions.

age of conan review 2015Age of Conan is a free to play, 3D fantasy MMORPG that allows us to create our own character and solve tons of quest alone or with the help of our friends. The land of Hyboria is as brutal as you might expect, so there are tons of thieves, creatures and other types of enemies that will do whatever it takes to bring you down.

The game has quite an interesting story that will keep you hooked to the computer for dozens of hours and, aside from that, it also brings an amazing world that you can explore at all times.

Age of Conan’s graphics are very beautiful and you can clearly see that the development team really put its time and passion into creating amazing locations, interesting character models and a dark, gritty world with lots of locations that you can explore.
The combat system in this game removes the autocombat option that involved clicking a single button multiple times and it replaces it with a mode in which you have full control over each swing and thrust of your weapon. This makes the gameplay a lot more interesting and immersive, as it enables you to control any aspect of the combat. Autocombat is surely something that makes most MMORPGs tedious, but Age of Conan: Unchained successfully innovates in this regard and it allows you to explore and battle just like a hyborian hero.

Sounds and music are also great as they surely suit the game theme. From battle cries to sword sounds, everything has been created perfectly and it really grabs you more into the game’s atmosphere.

aof reviewThere are 12 different classes in Age of Conan: Unchained and all of them are set up across 4 different archetypes such as Soldier, Rogue, Priest and Mage. Each class brings you a different gameplay, allowing you to experience the world in different ways, which is surely impressive. It’s safe to say that you will have a great time exploring the forests and dungeons in search for relics, quests and adventures while fighting with a sword, bow or magic.

Age of Conan’s interface is very well structured and it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay, instead it aids it quite a lot. You can view messages and some helpful tips in the left side, while the most important actions that you can take during combat, including the unlocked skills that you can use. On the right side of the screen you can access the stances, mini-map and quest information, as well as a panel where you can place your necessary items from the inventory.

Quests are varied and diverse, from saving a damsel in distress to destroying enemy forces. You can also receive the normal fetch quests that you can see in any MMORPG, these will help you get accustomed with the game world.

Age of Conan brings a complete package where mature content, gore and impressive gameplay blend together into a wonderful game. It has a great combat system, numerous skills, 12 classes and lots of quests that will keep you busy for hundreds of hours. We definitely recommend that you pick this game up right now and play it. You can play it free of charge, and the amazing adventures you will go through are well worth the download time.


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